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dog exercise fields, cornwall
dog exercise fields, cornwall
dog exercise fields, cornwall
dog exercise fields, cornwall

Welcome to Beano's

Safe, fully fenced, dog walking, training & exercise fields in Cornwall


“a fabulous idea: enables all dogs to have freedom”


Have trouble finding a safe place to train, walk or play with your dog? Do you ever wish that you had your own field for off-lead, hassle-free exercise? Well, Beano’s Ballpark might be just what you’re looking for.


There are two beautifully mowed, fenced fields to choose from; one with a separate fenced training area. The fields: The Ballpark, (2.5 acres) & The Bolthole, (1.5 acres) are at opposite ends of our 21 acre farm, with completely separate access & can be hired exclusively by individuals with their dogs, for one hour sessions. During that time, you could work on training, let your dog potter about, or just throw a ball around, enjoy the view & have a good time, secure in the knowledge that someone else’s dog will not be ruining your fun! Both fields are fully fenced & gated with approximately 4' lamb fencing & higher Cornish hedges behind. (We do not use barbed wire on any of our fencing). There are stunning moorland views from each field & benches & tables for your use, so that you can bring a picnic & the trees around the edges of the field provide both shade in the sun & shelter from the rain.

You may drive straight into both the fields, (weather permitting!) We have toilets on site for your use.

We have recently added a new training field, (1.5 acres), aimed at those who are concerned about dogs who may jump, or tiny dogs who may wriggle out!  This has 5 foot high gates & fencing around the entire perimeter. There is also rabbit netting attached to the lower part of the fence, which has been dug in all the way round. (This also stops the rabbits getting in!) This field also has stunning moorland views, a picnic bench, is located right next to its own car park & is very accessible for anyone who uses a wheelchair or has difficulties with mobility.

The Ballpark

 A huge 2.5 acre field, within which, is a separate, fenced dog training area. (This will not be used by anyone else during your hire). This field has its own special magic & has  stunning moorland views. There are benches & tables for your use & the trees around the edges of the field provide both shade in the sun & shelter in the rain.

The Bolthole

This field is 1.5 acres, flat & well mowed & is situated on the opposite side of the farm from the Ballpark, with its own completely separate access. This field is a firm favourite of our own dogs, but is also available for those who like their privacy. There is seating & tables, with trees offering both shade & shelter at the bottom of the field.

The Training Field

Hoopers is an exciting new dog sport in the UK. Unlike agility, it is a minimal-impact sport: suitable from puppies, to older dogs & even those with previous injuries. The flowing lines of the courses allow the dog to work fast & independently. We offer 1-1 sessions for Hoopers, as well as regular classes & occasional ‘Challenge’ events.

About Us

Dee & Beano are the 'thinkers' in this family, whereas Cath & Jester are definitely are the 'doers'! The dogs have taught us everything we know ....




Lower Dacum Farm, Porkellis, Helston, Cornwall, TR13 0PD


Mobile: 07813 984662


8:00 AM - dusk

Monday -Sunday

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